Online EFT Practitioner Training


Highly praised accredited online EFT training with EFT Master Gwyneth Moss in six live weekly modules

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Accredited Online EFT Practitioner Training

Trainer: Gwyneth Moss EFT Master

EFT helps you to get free of the past so that the past is learned from not lived in. EFT is a people-helper’s multi-purpose tool – a simple and respectful way of helping almost anyone with almost any issue

In these six modules of practical training I will teach you how to quickly and simply calm your client’s (or your own) anxiety, dispel the emotion of disturbing memories, quell compulsions and cravings or help release the emotional tension held in physical symptoms.

I’ve been teaching people to tap since 2001 and many EFT experts credit my teaching for launching their practice and career.  This is my newly re-written practical and in-depth online EFT training, designed to combine the best of with-words EFT and without-words TTT tapping approaches. Its for all therapists and people helpers, indeed for all who are curious about tapping and want to help themselves or others. My aim is to build your skill and confidence through practical hands on experience so that right from the start you are able get going and incorporate tapping into your practice and your life.

Through six live weekly modules, supported by exercises and study materials, you will learn:

  • How to use tapping without words (the TTT method) for first-aid and self-help
  • Integrating tapping with talking (EFT)
  • How to safely handle overwhelm or excessive emotional intensity
  • How to clear the effects of painful memories with or without words
  • EFT approaches to the emotional stress of physical symptoms
  • How EFT can help with compulsions and cravings
  • The Gentle Techniques to prevent overwhelm and connect to underlying causes
  • How to loosen the grip of limiting beliefs and open up possibility
  • How to create a compelling future direction

After the workshop you will have the option to join a small group coaching programme to prepare you for EFT International Practitioner certification and accreditation.

This course is open to all and is particularly for:

  • Psychotherapists and Counsellors
  • Business, Sports, Performance and Life Coaches
  • Complementary Therapists, Osteopaths and Chiropracters
  • Those who may not know their destination but feel drawn to learn

If you are not a therapist and don’t want to become one please don’t be put off. Some of the people I have trained who are most effective with tapping have no previous training or experience in therapy.


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