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The EFT Gathering

11,April, 2021 @ 3:00 pm 8:00 pm AGMT

The EFT Gathering has been our tappers get together since 2009. Now online with four fabulous international presenters every three months. Live demonstrations, inspiring talks and breakouts to meet new friends. Hosted by the EFT Guild.

3:00pm – Emma Roberts – EFT and Serious Illness

Emma Roberts will explore the vast field of serious disease and the part EFT can play, outlining the many areas to work with and the role of the EFT practitioner. EFT can help in many ways: from the person’s immediate fears and anxieties, pain and symptoms, to exploring the roots of the disease itself. EFT is also wonderful for reaching end-of-life acceptance, inner peace and resolution. EFT does NOT claim to offer a cure, however, it can be a valuable support to any healing process, clearing blocks to healing at a physical, emotional and spiritual level. EFT practitioners are able to provide support along the healing journey alongside whatever conventional medical treatment a client chooses.

4:15pm – Elaine Elliott – Chronic Exhaustive Conditions

Symptoms of chronic exhaustive conditions have been called; ME, CFS, Post Viral Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Burnout, Adrenal fatigue or exhaustion and now SIDS’ Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease. Elaine will explain these conditions, who may be affected, what can set them off, what can keep people stuck and what supports recovery. Her personal experience of debilitation and recovery gives Elaine a comprehensive understanding of these complicated disorders, as well as the additional challenges that come. Elaine now creates individually tailored plans within a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach integrating specialist wellbeing coaching, specific protocols at different stages and EFT which has an important role throughout the physical and emotional recovery.

5:45pm – Ann Adams – How it All Began

Ann Adams first encountered tapping with Roger Callahan twenty-two years ago. Ann shares her lived history of energy psychology and EFT with engaging stories of the events and personalities that gave shape to our current knowhow. Everyone has their own path, journey and timing. Ann, didn’t plan a front row seat to view the development of energy psychology in advance, she says she just happen to be at the “right place” at the “right time” and willing, with an open mind to say yes to a new path. A path filled with fascinating, dedicated people with inspiring insights. Whether your “journey” has just begun, or you’ve been around Energy Psychology awhile, you’ll enjoy her perspective on how it all began.

7pm – Michelyn Gjurasic – Your Hands and Tapping

The lines, shapes, colors and markings in our hands all have meaning, because they are a neural map of the wiring of the brain! With the ability to “read” them you understand yourself and others a whole lot better. Issues are no longer something to “fix” but instead become something to understand and negotiate. You stop expecting yourself and others to be someone you are not designed to be. That is true acceptance. Hand analyst and EFT Prctitioner, Michelyn will demonstrate the Heart Line in the hands, which illustrates the four basic Emotional Styles. Knowing how you’re “wired” for emotional needs and expression can give you significant insight into your relationship patterns. This elevates your tapping to higher levels and smoothes the way for easier relationship dynamics.

The EFT Gathering is now hosted by The EFT Guild Join the EFT Guild to access an extensive library of resources and all the EFT Gathering recordings, plus you get your Gathering ticket for only £20, non-member price £40.


11,April, 2021
3:00 pm – 8:00 pm BST
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Gwyneth Moss
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