Surrogate Tapping

Following on from our talk about tapping with children we talk about surrogate or distance tapping which is going to sound crazy to some people but we have lots of experience of this effect. Surrogate tapping is a skill and there is a process. We share some stories and give an overview of the three phase process

Gwyneth and Linda met in 2005. They have been talking tapping ever since. Now you can listen in on their tapping talks.

Statue of Horses in Prague

EFT Helps Horses

Stories about Horses and EFT by Heather Smiles The longer I live and the older I get, the more I begin to believe that the whole of life revolves around stories. The way we act depends on the stories we tell ourselves about our life, the way we interact with other people depends on the … Read more

Footprints in sand

Surrogate Tapping

The Distance EFT Process In Gary Craig’s retirement blog post he said there are two things about EFT “What it does and Where it points” and that surrogate tapping is leading us to Where it points. When I first found EFT, the tapping itself was weird enough for me and the idea that you could … Read more

EFT Helps the Rescue Horse

Heather Smiles writes: I helped pick up a young horse from Manchester last Friday, bit of a sad case.  Bought as a rescue by a lovely kind 18year old, who hadn’t got a clue. Her friend had contacted Jenny, owner of our rescue yard, to ask her if she could help.  Things were going downhill … Read more

EFT Helps Pigs

Separation of Pigs and People by Anne Ryan Yesterday I was walking by the river and as you walk along the day to day farming life is there to see. It is an organic and bio dynamic farm and run with many of the less intensive practices of the older days. There is a pig … Read more

EFT Helps Dog that Runs Away

Rufus Runs to the Farm Dave role played his dog Rufus whilst we tapped over the phone.  This case is interesting because I was in North Yorkshire, UK; Rufus was in Brocton, New York and Dave was travelling in Michigan.    Hundreds, if not thousands of miles separated all three participants.  I had never met … Read more