Tapping Talk Begins

Linda Wood and Gwyneth Moss talk tapping

Linda and Gwyneth have been talking tapping transatlantic for years, they invite you to listen in to their conversations

EFT and Brainwaves

What we learned about EFT from observing Brainwaves

We both learned a lot about how consciousness operates and how to be more effective with EFT from observing EFT sessions with live EEG brainwave monitoring.  Not only did we see the effects of tapping made visible but what we observed made us more skilled practitioners.

Duality Tapping

Linda Wood talks with Gwyneth about her Duality Tapping protocol. Duality is about opposites and Duality Tapping is a process which uses opposites to dissolve the conscious and unconscious tension between desire and fear. Gwyneth says “duality tapping is an extraordinary process and I must remember to use it more”