Borrowing Benefits to Help Yourself

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 How To Borrow Benefits

Watching the EFT Helps videos is great learning.  Its also an opportunity to clear away your own emotional baggage.  We call that Borrowing Benefits.

You can do this by yourself or with a group watching and tapping together.

Your issue does not need to be the same as that of the person you are borrowing from.  So you can use this process to borrow benefits from all of the EFT Helps videos.

Get a notebook and write things down:

Start by deciding what you want to clear or change

  • what its like for you
  • your thoughts, feelings, emotions and body sensations about this or when it happens
  • the triggers that set it off, when, where and with whom it happens or gets worse
  • what was happening in your life when this started; what were the shocks or stresses you experienced around that time

Choose one aspect from your list and focus on that

With EFT we work on one piece at a time.

Write down a score number 0 – 10 of how much that gets to you

Put your notes to the side and watch the video

Just watch the video.  You don’t need to say anything.  You don’t need to think about anything.  Park your aspect in the back of your mind.  Just watch.  And tap as we tap.

Come back to your list

Focus on the aspect you chose.  Is your response to it the same or different?  Give it a score number.  Has the intensity changed?

Choose another aspect and continue tapping with the video.

Work your way through the list.

Step into the future

As your response changes, test your overall issue by letting your mind wander into the future.  Notice how you are different.  And what has changed.  Notice what you can do now that you could not do before.  Or what you don’t need to do now that you did do before.

Linda says:

“I watched Gwyneth’s videos to learn advanced techniques and tapped along.  This was at a time when I was going through a great deal of stress.  Not only was I better able to handle what was happening, but so much from the past ceased to bother me in the way that it had before.  Its fabulous that you can learn and get your own therapy at the same time!”


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