Meridian Energy

Why do we Tap Where we Tap In Emotional Freedom Techniques we combine the use of language with tapping on meridian points. EFT is thus like a bridge between the talk therapies and the touch therapies, especially those touch therapies derived from the traditional chinese understandings of energy and health.    Many of us come … Read more

EFT for Peace

Faster EFT is not EFT

EFT is tapping – but Tapping may not be EFT. EFT is a set of techniques for the skilful application of tapping.  EFT uses clean language.  EFT walks along side.  EFT does not push, pull or lead.  EFT gives back a person’s exact words.  EFT Does not suggest, advise, manipulate or seek to influence to … Read more

EFT Founding Masters logo

The EFT Masters

The History of the EFT Masters Once upon a time Gary Craig founder of EFT, announced that there would be an exam for the top level of skill in EFT and award of the title EFT Master and he appointed Ann Adams to be director of the EFT Masters program.  The first exam group was … Read more

Mountain stream over rocks

General can be Specific

Being General to be Specific Being specific is terrific! Many of you will have heard that endorsement and know that we are always being encouraged to get to specific events with EFT. Well, yes, being specific is terrific and Gary’s article in the Tutorial series is a must read for all keen tappers but I’d … Read more

EFT for Dog Barking at the Sky

Alfi and the Balloons By Deborah Sampson On moving to our land in 2003, our dog Alfie developed the habit of barking frantically at all white lines in the sky from airplanes, as well as hot-air balloons. He would not stop and we could not calm him. He was then 3 years old. Our previous … Read more


EFT Helps Cat- Molly

Molly and the Vaccuum Cleaner Susan Myers writes: My cat Molly was always very timid and was particularly fearful of the vacuum cleaner, so much so that just hearing me bringing it down the stairs would see her fleeing to one of her hiding places. I attended the EFT Workshop  where we were to learn … Read more