EFT for Timid Cat

Janet Hammond came on my EFT Part Two course and volunteered her cat Dory for the tapping for animals demonstration. Janet told us that Dory was a young, female cat and very, very timid, as if she were frightened of everything.

Janet says:

I recently re-homed a one year old cat called Dory. I got her so she would hopefully be a friend for my other cat Eric, a ginger tom. The lady who I got her from was a breeder and very good with cats. She took Dory on from a friend who didn’t know what to do with her as she was so timid and seemed to be afraid of everything.

The breeder asked me if I would give Dory a chance as she had had no luck herself. Ive got to say I was a bit dubious but I said I would give it a go. Now although it’s just me and Eric at home it is very hectic and noisy sometimes with my three little grandsons and daughters dog coming round at least 4 times a week as I look after them.

Dory just hid away wouldn’t have anything to do with me or Eric, I had to take her food to her hiding place! She did eventually start to come out of her hiding place and play a bit with Eric but she still wouldn’t let me go up to her and stroke her and she still wouldn’t feed with Eric.

I then went on the part 2 EFT course with Gwyneth and we did a session of tapping for Dory. While tapping with Gwyneth I was asked to put myself in Dorys place and speak for her. We tapped through how she felt before she came to me and Eric,things that scared her etc and how she felt now with me and Eric.

I found myself feeling her scared and timid feelings. Gwyneth asked me, as Dory, what had happened when I was a kitten. I had a sense of several big cats hissing at me and chasing me and I had to keep hidden. The big cats took my food and would not let me near the food bowl. I was scared and very lonely. As we tapped these sensations and images faded.

Then I became aware that, as Dory, I was scared of going back to that place and that if I was picked up I could be taken back. We kept tapping till I knew that this was my home with Janet and Eric.

We finished the tapping when I felt a sense of calm and Gwyneth asked me to come back to being Janet. We tapped to separate the energy with me saying “I am Janet”

We concluded with how I would like her to be when I got home.I said I would like her to greet me when I got home and I visualised her doing so as we tapped.

When I did get home Eric was in the hallway waiting for me as usual and when I shouted hello Dory also came to see me that was a first.

That night I woke up from having a nightmare and started to tap, both Eric and Dory came right up to me to see if I was ok another first!

The next day she started feeding with Eric and even coming into the kitchen to see what was on offer. Later on that day I found Eric and Dory lying on my bed paws wrapped around each other!! See photo. A big first!

The lady I got her off is amazed in her transformation as she nor the lady she got her off could do anything with her for around 11 months.

Now she will still occasionally still run away from me but I am so happy
That she seems much happier herself and will continue helping her.
Thank you Gwyneth and EFT.

Janet Hammond


Three weeks after our tapping session Janet says: Dory is doing really well. She now comes to me and to visitors and rolls over to have her belly tickled.

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