Meridian Energy

Why do we Tap Where we Tap

In Emotional Freedom Techniques we combine the use of language with tapping on meridian points. EFT is thus like a bridge between the talk therapies and the touch therapies, especially those touch therapies derived from the traditional chinese understandings of energy and health.   

Many of us come to EFT from a talk therapy background and have a good understanding of human communication, language and the psychology of how people hold problems.  This workshop is designed to introduce you to the body and energy side of the bridge by teaching the holistic fundementals of chinese mind-body medicine and a simple approach to the use of flower essences with the aim of making your work with EFT more effective.

Gwyneth Moss EFT Master says: “Have you ever wondered why we tap where we tap?” or “why seemingly unrelated emotions and symptoms follow from shock and trauma?”  To answer these questions and more I’ve been reading and interviewing acupuncturists including my good friend Stephen Hunter.

Linda Wood says: “This is an amazing workshop, wonderful at explaining and using examples to help us make connections to what we already know.  Gwyneth is fantastic in the way she has taken EFT and connected it with this information and then used examples to show us how to integrate five elements with what we experience with our clients. The notes and slides are really helpful too” 

Ruth Ablet says: “I am still buzzing from all the information. So much and so well presented. I KNOW this is going to make a difference to my life and using it with EFT can only enrich the way I work.”

Andy Eckley says: “This is a wealth of knowledge that I believe is key to understanding the prosess of EFT. At first glance learning about the Meridians used in EFT causes most tappers to say ” I don’t need to know this” but that has not been my experience. This weekend only touches on what you think it’s about before you start. Five elements teaches how to understand where to look in someone’s past to find the real cause of their problems. We’ve all heard story’s of EFT practitioners spending hours and hours tapping on what they think the issues are i.e.: the presenting problem and completely ignoring the fact that their clients problem started from a seemingly unrelated event maybe many years ago. This knowledge saves valuable time finding out the real issues. “

Anne Brown says: “The workshop itself was excellent! – To have an understanding of how trauma and negative emotions react in our energy system, together with their knock-on effect, is essential in enabling us to form a clear picture of what actually needs addressing and in this way it underpins the EFT. How often does a client ask – Why am I feeling this way? Being able to literally draw a picture of how their energy system has been compromised can help give the understanding and trust in the therapist which they need to move on and heal. Understanding what is going on energetically goes a long way to enabling us to let go of what we feel stuck with and to allow us to see ‘light at the end of the tunnel’. 

By the end of the workshop you will:

  • appreciate the basic five element theory of traditional Chinese medicine
  • be able to explain what the meridian system is and understand how energy flows around the body and organs
  • understand the properties of the five elements and tapping points in terms of behaviour and emotions.
  • be able to ask questions to look for possible causal events that form a person’s presenting symptoms

Hilary Jones was inspired by this workshop to use a tapping sequence following the flow of chi as a relaxation technique for those suffering CFS/ME.  She conducted a pilot research study and you can read her interesting results here:  Hilary Jones Tide Table Tapping Study.

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