Happiness Blossoms

EFT Helps Pianist

James Pelham is a professional pianist who was previously in a state of near panic with performance anxiety.   He told us he had never played as well in public as he could play on his own.   James had come to an EFT workshop with a friend but he remained sceptical.  This anxiety, he said, … Read more

EFT Helps Dental Phobic

Dental Tapping Tale Julie Moss attended my recent presentation to the British Psychological Association in Scotland. She writes: I’m dentist phobic. I have not had treatment for three years and usually take Valium to even get near the dentist’s chair.  Today was very different! Amazingly I was able to use EFT all by myself I … Read more

Gargoyle and flowers

The EFT Anxiety Gremlin

We all have our anxieties. They pop up in expected and unexpected circumstances, serve a hard ball at us and suddenly there we are, out of control, and anxiety is calling the shots. Its like anxiety never stops playing the game – even when we are off the court and want to relax. Well here is something you can try with EFT  to catch anxiety out and take back control.  Just have a go with a playful attitude.

Tapping for the Anxiety Gremlin, Rue Hass interviews Gwyneth

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