EFT Helps Dental Phobic

Dental Tapping Tale

Julie Moss attended my recent presentation to the British Psychological Association in Scotland.

She writes: I’m dentist phobic. I have not had treatment for three years and usually take Valium to even get near the dentist’s chair. 

Today was very different!

Amazingly I was able to use EFT all by myself

I had an Indian Head Massage exam so tapped to help me get through that with the sore tooth. Then continued to tap on my anxiety about going to the dentist.On the present pain which I described in detail as I tappedAnd my worst fears about the prospect of the extraction. 

As I tapped I began to shift from fearful panic and to realise it was necessary, that the pain would be short lived and that I would be able to cope.

After this tapping session , I knew the Valium would not be necessary.
I was calm driving to the dentist, calm in the waiting room and calm in the chair.

I probably managed the less than straightforward extraction  in a calmer state than my dentist: “a bit more tricky than I’d hoped” he said as he split my gum to get at a piece of embedded root. 

Surprisingly I was not at all distressed.   

My sisters were utterly amazed! They are used to having to accompany me zombie-like to and from dental appointments and to care for me whilst I recover from even minor procedures. 

Had I discovered EFT earlier I might have a decent set of teeth! 

Gwyneth adds:  I have tapped with several people who have had an intense dental phobia.  We usually start with what it is about the dentist that scares them.

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  1. I am due to have called filling at the dentist. They will have to drill the old filling out and refill.
    I am terrified this will hurt. Can you help?

  2. Hello Linda, its never possible to say what the outcome of a tapping session will be but I would expect that a tapping session would help. Previous memories of dental experiences would become more distant and less gripping, you would be more able to calmly listen to your dentist and you would be able to use finger tapping during the procedure. IF you want to make an appointment go to the EFT Appointments page, best wishes Gwyneth

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