EFT Helps Sick Dog

Ellie Gets Well Again

by Jean Cotton

When I take my dog out, there are some dogs and owners that I meet regularly and stop to chat. One, a little border terrier called Ellie, is a favourite. She was always lively and enthusiastic, and noisy! I hadn’t seen her for a while when we met again in September: Ellie looked very dejected and thin, and trailing behind on the lead. Her owner said she had been vomiting most of her food, and wasn’t interested in eating much at all.

I saw them again a week later, and the owner was very upset. Ellie had been to the vets and was diagnosed in late September with severe kidney failure which did not respond to medication. The prognosis was that she would die or have to be put to sleep in a matter of weeks. Seeing her out with her owner, I could see her deterioration each time we met. I had attended Gwyneth’s animal EFT course on 18th September and as a result I had recently bought a tapping bear. I had used Tappy with my own animals with limited success, but I decided that I must try to help Ellie, even if it was just to ease her symptoms temporarily.

I didn’t tell her owners that I was doing this. So, on 14th November I started surrogate EFT, tapping on my tapping bear. I was working on kidney failure and not being able to keep her food down. I did this for three sessions. I used the second person “talk to” approach, as I didn’t feel very comfortable using the first person. With Tappy bear on my knee, I spoke to Ellie and used these set up statements:

“Ellie, even though you are feeling sick and don’t want to eat, you are a lovely dog, a good dog, and everybody loves you.”

“Ellie, even though your kidneys are not working properly, your body can heal itself. You are a lovely dog, a good dog, and everybody loves you.”

“Ellie, even though you feel so ill and miserable, your owners love you so much because you are a lovely dog, a very good dog.”

On 3rd December, when I took my own dog out for a walk, I met Ellie with her owner. She rushed up to greet my dog with much barking and tail wagging, and her owner said in a very excited voice that she had ‘suddenly in the last couple of weeks, perked up, eaten her food without being sick and was a changed dog. He had taken her to the vet who had no explanation.

I don’t know if this was anything to do with my tapping, or if this improvement will last, or what the outcome might be, but the tapping was worth it to see Ellie feeling like her old self again.

Gwyneth Moss adds: We never know what will happen as a result of tapping for an animal like this. I have heard remarkable stories like this one and other times when there has been no observable change. However it doesn’t take long or much effort to tap as Jean did and just look what happened. My suggestion is that you simply have a go.

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