EFT Helps Picky Eating

The Case of the Lonely Cucumber

Gwyneth says: Phil Reed completed Trainer Training with me and I am delighted to share this superb tapping tale with you – it had me laughing out loud.

Phil says:

I was coaching a 15 year old boy (we’ll call him Pete), who had severe special educational needs, and emotional/behavioural difficulties. His session followed the school lunch break. On this occasion he was late for some reason and had to grab the last sandwich from the canteen before racing up the stairs to my room.

This was the first time in about two years that he had been late – he was quite distressed! The sandwich was in a plastic triangle container .. white bread, cucumber. I noticed Pete was looking pretty white, and his skin was clammy. He was making no move to eat the sandwich, which he’s put on the table. I first assumed that he was just recovering from the rush to my room .. but then realised he was getting worse, and was very quiet – so asked him if he was ok – and that he could eat his sandwich if he wanted.

What happened then really took me by suprise! Pete grabbed his throat and mouth, and made choking/belching sounds, whilst pointing to the lone, rather sad looking sandwich and shouting ‘Its got green bits .. I can’t eat green bits – I’ll puke up !!’

At this point I have to say I felt sorry for the sandwich, .. and told Pete so, suggesting that we tap for it. So that’s what we did – writing a few ideas down first and then tapping some prolonged set-up’s along the following lines ..

“Even though I’m stuck in this triangle, and never wanted to be here, and nobody wants me, I’m a good sandwich”

“Even though there’s no air in here, and I’m sweating and I can see Pete is too, I’m a good sandwich.

Even though life’s not fair, and especially if you’re a lone sandwich – left behind- with no stomach to go to, I’m a tasty sandwich .. really I am!

Even though I’m green, I’d rather be still in the ground .. I didn’t ask for this .. being chopped up like this – but I’m a happy cucumber!

The giggles were taking over at this point ..

Even though Pete will be growing cucumbers like me .. and cabbages .. and beans, he doesn’t seem to like me – how crazy is that?!?!

Even though its lonely in here, I’m pleased that Pete picked me up. Even though I’ve got green bits, that’s what comes with being a cucumber sandwich, and I’m OK.

Even though I’m stuck in this triangle, I’ll get out one day. I’m a cucumber I’m a cucumber I’m a sandwich No one wants me I taste awful Its not my fault Having green bits Is not my fault

Pete then suddenly grabbed the triangle and ripped it open, downing the sandwich in one go! The following week, he brought in a small part-frozen pizza from home, asking if we could do the same for that! (we did).

Pete left school soon after and began work, growing vegetables at a City Farm!

I’ve used EFT just a couple of times since, with success  for encouraging eating of fruit which I had in a bowl in my room.

Also, have used EFT many times to encourage teenagers to drink water, as they are often so lethargic and dehydrated in the warm school.

Also related to this is using EFT to reduce carbonated drinks, and take-away chicken (I use EFT followed by the NLP Swish pattern for this).

I share your concern for picky eaters .. the amount of lesson/learning time missed through poor nutrition and sleep patterns – caused by / made worse by anxiety, is alarming!

Phil Reed uses EFT with predominately Asian and Afro Caribbean students aged 8 to 16, in deprived areas of London, through 5 schools (working 4 full days a week). Primary school work is in groups of 3 and also 1:1’s. All secondary school work is 1:1’s also EFT with some parents, with teachers, and pastoral staff.  Phil also offers EFT for private 1:1 adult clients, and with young clients referred from the police, and social services in Milton Keynes


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