EFT Helps Back Pain

Joan Draper suffered back ache since her younger days as a student nurse.   EFT helped clear long held in emotion and she tells how well the results have lasted.

Joan writes: 

On the Monday I returned from the Level 3 training I was walking the dog and in using the chukker to throw the ball put my back out. My back has been problematic for years and when it gets this bad the usual route is 2 days crawling around the house at least 2 if not more physio/osteopath appointments and maybe a week off work plus using a TENS machine.

The last time this happened was 18 mths ago but I remember it well I went to bed on Monday having been unable to straighten up as I walked upstairs and once in bed I rated the pain level at 8. Why I didn’t take any analgesics I don’t know I think I was more concerned about having to cancel a course I was running in SFBT on the Thursday and Friday and so fell asleep. Awaking at 3 am I was almost unable to move in bed and was quite fearful of trying to stand.

At this stage I started to tap – initially on the pain and the intensity and feeling .I then thought when did this problem start? I found myself remembering exactly the incident. I was lifting a 15 stone youth on the Orthopaedic Ward with the Sister in charge. She wouldn’t allow me to grasp her hands ( I think deliberately) and so I bore the entire weight of this youth and so my back was never the same again.

Memories flooding back

What came flooding back were memories of this Sister. She ruled the Ward like a tyrant creating fear and was sadistic (My experiences watching her are really in line with the true meaning of this word!).  I suddenly realised just how helpless I had felt as I saw her making grown men cry and scream whilst holding on to the bed rails as she administered her ‘nursing treatrments’. On one occasion she had really humiliated me in front of more than 50 people.  

I realised I needed to tap to forgive her because I had hated the way she was so abusive An hour of tapping later and the pain in my back was down to 2. I fell asleep. I awoke at 6.30 am somewhat upset to feel the pain back at 6.

I suddenly thought there must be another memory. Sure enough up popped the time I’d fallen on my metal midwifery box and torn the ligaments down my spine (I was in fact unable to sit up for 3 months) The memory was, however, of the examination of my back by what felt like to me and from what he said to me a very lecherous GP.

By the time I had tapped around this incident the back pain was down to 1-2. I got up still experiencing some pain but I was able during that day to take the dog to puppy training, go out for an hours walk and was able to us the chukker which to me with the pain I had felt the previous evening was unprecedented.

Doubted it would last

Although not quite fully recovered it has been good enough for me to go to work and to do my training course. I wrote the above several months ago and have waited to see if the results would last. My back has been so problematic over the years I had my doubts that EFT would last. Well it has!!! My back is better by a good 70% and with all the damage to it over the years will never be perfect.

The improvement has for me been amazing. I have done things I was unable to do for years, some dancing ,moderate exercise and the lifting of quite heavy weights. I even chipped up an old Marley tiled floor with no ill effects. This to me proved EFT had worked.  I was so sceptical that the day following working on the floor I waited for my back to be seriously painful and when it wasn’t was quite astounded.

I am just thankful that EFT proved so effective and that I won’t be carrying ‘Sister’ around for another 40 years!!

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