EFT Helps Endometriosis

EFT Imagineering Helps Endometriosis

Endometriosis is incredibly painful but in this case the periods and the pain were being suppressed by drugs and had been for some time. There was nothing to start tapping with.

EFT Imagineering is a way of using tapping that I developed specifically to use when a physical condition has no pain and is not visible. When you can feel pain or see something you have somewhere to start tapping.   What do you do though when the symptom has no pain, or doesn’t hurt right now, or the pain is suppressed by drugs? Where do you start? 

Well we can tap for the memory of the pain, for live events, shocks or stresses, that were happening when the symptom was first noticed or for our feelings about the symptom and that may open doors to healing.

Imagineering is just another way to find those doors. We can think of the imagination as being an interpreter between bodyspeak and the verbal language of the mind. I was once hiking with my friend Nancy and as we were going up a steep hill with heavy backpacks Nancy’s knee was hurting. Rather glibly I said “I wonder what your knee is trying to tell you?”, sweating under her load Nancy snapped back “I don’t speak knee!” That was an AhHaa moment for me. Our thinking minds speak a different language from our bodies and can’t comprehend the body messages let alone take the action that the body needs. So the body shouts louder to get attention. And the mind blocks it out.

I realised then that we could use imagination as a go between and combine that with tapping. Here is an account by myself (Gwyneth Moss) and Marga of an EFT Imagineering session. Presenting in Holland I asked for someone to come up for a demonstration. Ideally someone with a physical symptom which does not have pain and for the purpose of the demonstration someone with a good visual imagination. (We can use EFT Imagineering for those who’s imagination works in other modalities and that is addressed in the five other imagineering articles that you can download as a ebook )

Coming up to the stage, Marga initially experienced some nervousness and palpitations, 3-4 on the scale so we did a few rounds of standard EFT until she felt comfortable in front of the audience. Marga explained that she has endometriosis but that she has been taking the contraceptive pill to suppress the pain. Endometriosis is a very painful condition in which the lining of the uterus attaches to surrounding tissues. As she sat there she had no sense of the condition at all. A classic case for Imagineering.

First we do a test run of the imagination taking an imaginery light into a part of the body where the symptom is not present. Here is Marga’s test run:

Marga: “I put the light on my finger; my bike LED light. Put in my head through my ear; I go through a kind of yellow tunnel, which is also a slide I enter the inner part of my head which looks like a factory with many floors. There are a lot of workmen with helmets working on different machines and dashboards. There are noises of machines, not too loud and not too soft. It feels like a neutral place; everybody is doing its job, like they should do”

We do the test run so that both of us can know how her imagination works then I ask her to take the light and her imagination to where the symptom is.

Marga: “I put it on my lower abdomen. When I enter I see a red-pinkish mass in the middle, it looks like a human heart. Around it is a black fluffy, slimy mass. I am walking in that. It is all around me; floors/walls/ceiling and it is changing shapes all the time. I feel my feet being stuck in it. I makes a sucking noise when I try to get my foot out and make a step. It is uncomfortable to be there and it is hot”

So now we do a round of tapping using EFT for the imagery she experienced: “Even though there is a heart surrounded by a black slimy mass and its really uncomfortable and hot, I truly and deeply accept myself” I take her exact words and put them into EFT. There is no discussion or interpretation of the imagery – that would be like interrogating the go-between. As the practitioner I do not introduce anything, I just keep the process going, letting her manage the content and we simply let the tapping do the work. After we tap, I ask her to take the light and her imagination inside again.

Marga: “When I enter again there is more space, it is less hot and uncomfortable. The heart in the middle is still there and the black slimy things have turned into red. The whole space is changing in a kind of corridor and at the end of that tunnel I see an attractive white light.”

Again we take her exact words and do a round of tapping. “Even though the slimy things are red and its not so hot and its like a corridor with a light, I truly and deeply accept myself” Then she goes back in:

Marga: “The red has now turned into more yellow-orange, it is not as scary and not as hot anymore.” Another round of tapping using those words.

Marga: “I now enter through the tunnel of slimy things, which I leave behind me, in a very comfortable place. It is a kind of cocoon where there is bright white light, a cool breeze and it seems the walls are made of white feathers, softly and slowly moving in the breeze. I don’t know what is going to happen and that is OK.”

Another round of tapping using those words

Marga: “When I look up I see a night sky with many stars. I can feel there is a whole new world outside there and I want to go there. I am curious to know how it is. But I cannot get out of my cocoon. I feel I need help from someone or something. Like a ladder or a lift.”

Another round of tapping “even though I can’t get out of this comfortable cocoon and I need help, I truly and deeply accept myself”

Marga: “Then suddenly a force from outside sucks me out of the cocoon and I am in a hurricane being swirled around with great force. It is uncomfortable, I feel out of control, it is scary. I wonder what to do; shall I try and do something or shall I try something new and just give myself over to the force and see what happens. It is scary to be out of control, but also exciting to be in a hurricane!”

Several rounds of tapping because at this point Marga becomes quiet distressed. She feels out of control and doesn’t know what to do. So we go round and round the tapping points with “Even though its like a hurricane and I’m scared, really scared and out of control, I still accept myself” and “Even though I don’t know what to do and I don’t know what’s happening I really do accept myself” Then:

Marga: “When I enter my abdomen now the slimy things have become soft, pink pillows and cushions. The heart is still there. I enter the feathery cocoon and the sky is now a clear blue. I feel this cocoon will always be there for me if want to go rest or just want to be there. Then suddenly the cocoon opens like a flower; the walls move outward to the ground. And to the left I see a beautiful meadow with waving wheat and sunflowers. The sun is shining. To the right I can see the night. I feels like I can oversee the whole world and more than that. It is a place full of possibilities”.

Marga is now smiling and full of wonderment. I ask her to close her eyes and enjoy the wheat field, the sun and the possibilities, reminding her that this place and these feelings are her very own experience and she can keep them and return to them.

Marga: Since I am on medication for the endometriosis I cannot “test” if the symptoms have gone or reduced. I definitely feel lighter and happier after this Imagineering session. I already noticed I can go back to this image of the cocoon, closed or open, in an instant. I also realised that I can just open the cocoon by my own will. I don’t need help. Dear Gwyneth, thank you for this great gift!”

The next day Marga retained the feeling of being lighter and brighter. She is a medical doctor and felt positive about taking the decision to reduce the medication and thus test for any change in the symptoms. I have found that it is important in using this technique to let the thinking mind take a vacation whilst the imagination and the tapping do the work. So I don’t discuss or interpret the imagery whilst we are working and I simply use standard EFT on whatever the person says.

The changes in the imagery provide the test that something is changing. There are five other articles which teach this technique in more detail and you can download those as an ebook.

Four Months Later Marga writes: I just want to update you on my “endometriosis”. It took me a while to make the decision, but last month I thought let’s just give it a try and I stopped taking the birth control pill. It was a little bit scary, but I tapped on the fear for the pain and the anger about maybe having to go through it again and that helped ease my mind. Last week I had my first normal period since 5 years and guess what; no pain at all! I still cannot believe it and to be honest I am searching for alternative explanations…

Gwyneth Moss

First published by Gary Craig on www.emofree.com

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