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Grandma and the Bear who was Afraid

Linda Wood originated the Magic Buttons bears for children and adults.  Here is a lovely story that illustrates the magic of the bears to help a whole family.

By Linda Wood

 Recently, a lady emailed me and asked if I could help with her granddaughter who had extreme fears and phobias. For instance, when they’d be driving down the motorway and a fly would be in the car, she’d scream and crawl all over the driver, making it dangerous for everyone. I asked if she and the Mom and little girl could all come see me together. Grandma said the parents rolled their eyeballs when she mentioned EFT to them so that wasn’t going to work.

I told her that I couldn’t work on the little girl without parents’ permission but that if Grandma would come spend a half day with me, I’d teach her how to use Magic Buttons Bear showing her not only how to work with Susie when she was at her house, but also how to surrogate tap for her. Grandma drove the three hours to get to me and brought a very sceptical Grandpa along.

After picking out a Magic Buttons Bear that she was drawn to, Grandma sat across from me and we started our tapping lessons. Grandpa hesitantly decided to ‘tap along’ and also picked out a bear, yet pulled his chair back into the corner. I’d had Grandma previously to make a list of the most bothersome issues and we began by tapping on those. Rather than trying to collapse things, I was mainly showing her ‘how’ to do it when she was on her own.

Grandma was a complete newbie to EFT, having only read the manual and studied the newsletters at this point. I showed her how to use the bear to Make the problems ‘Magic’s’ rather than the childs.

“Even though Magic buttons is scared of bugs…”

“Even though Magic buttons hates those dogs…” (plus other things that were on her list.)

As we both tapped away on our bears for Susie, Grandma soon discovered her own ‘stuff’ coming up, bringing emotions with it, then subsiding, then going away, all while continuing to tap on the bear. This caused Grandpa begin to sit up and pay attention as he watched all these changes in Grandma, and before long, he even began adding his input. They both left three hours later, full of hope and armed with this new ‘tool’ for helping their granddaughter.

They drove the long way back home and had just settled in when they got a frantic phone call from their daughter. (Note that the daughter had no idea where they’d been.) With her permission, I’ve printed off some of her successful results.

That very night

Dear Linda,

Strangely enough we have just got back in the house after a desperate phone call from my daughter, in tears saying that they couldn’t even get Susie to stay in her bedroom or go near her bed – she had been screaming uncontrollably, actually had been like this for 3 weeks at bed time, but hadn’t told us. Baby sister was by now screaming. They asked, “Could you come and see us and help out?” I took Magic in a secret bag and said I would take Susie upstairs for a ‘chat’ while they calmed down the baby. I didn’t think I’d be called upon so quickly and with so much desperation.

Susie half sat on the bed trying to divert me. I just got on with it, tapping the bear “cause he had a problem being scared in his room and didn’t know what was scaring him.” Susie quickly began to get involved and started talking about all ‘her’ fears. I continued the way you taught me. Soon Susie began tapping too and after 40 mins. she closed her eyes and drifted into sleep.

Mom and dad were shocked to see that I’d not only gotten her settled down, but also to sleep and wanted to know how I’d done it. I had to come clean about having been to see you and showed them Magic Buttons. This time they listened. I showed them the tapping points, then showed them Gary’s website and left them to find their own way.

By the way she hasn’t mentioned bugs or dogs at all! (This was something Grandma and I had tapped on ‘for’ Susie…she’s been as panicked around dogs as she was with bugs.) Whether Susie sleeps all night I don’t know yet – but I will keep on trying again and again until we get a result.

The next night!

Joy oh Joy – Susie went to bed with a smile on her face tonight. Calmness returns to their house after three weeks! Mom said that when she took Susie to school this morning – she walked past the dogs tied to the school gates without any fuss. A first!! She is also talking about other things not bothering her any more. Love and a million thanks

A few days later

I just want to tell you that Susie is a different girl – going to bed happily and has a much calmer, happier outlook on life and so has the rest of the family. She has really identified with Magic. She even asked if we could show him her school. Baby Sister had a big flare up of eczema all over her tummy and back and that is settling down as well. (I did some secret tapping for her!!) We can really see the changes already.

I think all this is having a very beneficial effect on myself as well. You have certainly had some input into our lives Linda and we thank you so much for it. I will continue to learn and explore this great and fascinating healing therapy and hope that one day I might be able to give something back to it. Love and gratitude, Katie

PS ‘Grandma’ is now going to get EFT DVDs and take this further!

Linda Wood www.MagicTapping.com

Linda trained in EFT Tapping with Gwyneth Moss

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