EFT Imagineering Helps Doctor

Dear Gwyneth,

Can I take this opportunity to thank you for pioneering and teaching this EFT Imagineering technique . I have used it personally with profound results, and am beginning to use it with others…….I!ll keep you posted!

I feel it to have incredible potential and consider EFT to be an essential tool to have under our belts as Health Practitioners. I!d like to share this particular example of imagineering with you and your newsletter readers. It dates back to nine months ago, in February 2009 .

My Daughter’s Cancer Diagnosis

The background to this was that aged 13 months my middle child was diagnosed with ALL, (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia) with MLL rearrangement . She had two and a half years of chemotherapy which finished. I spent her treatment period just getting on , soldiering on, I don’t think I even cried more than a couple of times. She was given somewhere around a 50 50 chance of cure, which as a doctor I knew tends to always be communicated slightly optimistically.

I took leave from up my job in the NHS and placed all my energies into supporting her conventional Western treatment with Nutrition and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). This was the third case of Childhood Leukaemia in about 15 years on the lane where we live. All cases were within about 150m of each other. Now we had got her through her treatment it was time to investigate with local Oncologists and Epidemiologists, ( Doctors who treat Cancer and those who look into the patterns and trends of disease), the possibility of a Cluster pattern. The investigation concluded, finding nothing of significance about nine months ago.

Treatment finished nearly two years ago now, ( by Conventional Western standards with this form of ALL this is the time when relapse usually happens), but I knew in my heart a long time ago she was better. She is an amazing little girl, now nearly five. She coped tremendously well with the treatment she had partly I think due to her constitution and personality, being supported by the holistic approach we embraced.

Pain in the Night

About three days after the investigation into the cluster pattern of leukaemia concluded I woke up in the night about 3am with terrible sinus pain, on the right side of my face. The pain was worst just below my eye, the maxillary sinus area, in fact I could hardly open my eye , and my upper teeth on the same side felt unbelievably painful. I had been particularly irritated by any noise the previous evening….I just craved quiet I!d had three children largely without any pain relief. This felt as intense as very strong contractions. I also had a really bunged up right nostril. It seemed to have come on just so quickly. I had never had an anaerobic infection before like this…ie really yucky, smelly, horrible tasting gunk like this. Sorry about the detail but I promise it is relevant to the imagineering! I had never experienced sinus pain like this before, only ever very mild aching when I had a cold on a couple of occasions over a lifetime of 32 years.

I took some paracetamol …no relief…I cried …. this helped a little ……then I started tapping…………( I!ll give you my exact words as I tapped)….. My sinus area felt… Angry, in pain…..so raw, so much pain, so angry…throbbing so red, black, smokey, firey,….angry bubbling…like lava…red/black thick flowing… Couldn!t breath, sulphurous, pungent, ….everything that couldn!t breath before …starved of oxygen………suffocated…pushed down. Pain burning like acid on flesh…… boulders are there at the mouth of the volcano…sharp, jagged will not allow the lava to easily pass,grinding against each other , so wearing, so wearing …..feels so raw….. a volcano bubbling away, thick,bubbling lava….. but no sound , silent , not heard…no sound…..all I can hear is silence ……….it needs to flow, flow, escape, release…get out all those feelings…needs to erupt …it!s ok now, couldn!t flow before, couldn!t pass….couldnʼt feel those things then, couldn!t experience them fully, just too much…

Letting Go and Transforming

My body needs to start to let go now I am willing to let it flow….let all those tears flow/let it all out…..as I continued to tap a new image came …… As the lava solidifies, dark becomes golden…full of minerals, goodness, fertile….. new flowers and plants start to grow, so fertile, so lush…many many vibrant healthful coloured plants growing on the hillside. …..The flow becomes white, sparkling luster, glittering, like quartz crystal. Sinus becomes a safe cave, a deep clear, fresh lagoon….I can hear the trickling water…….I can vividly hear the soothing trickling sound….and can see crystals sitting at the bottom of the pool. The water is always flowing there, always flowing freely, always running a beautiful waterfall. The water is cool, calm and fresh. My daughter is there so vibrant, so healthful,so amazing …her smile,her rosy cheeks…so warm, sparkly vibrant eyes. She is jumping into the pool…splashing, giggling, diving in enjoying the water…diving deep down to collect the crystals….she loves the water… so much laughter, echoing in the cave….we are there together playful…giggly… so free. ….The sun shines through a crack/concealed entrance gently warming the pool .

The entrance leads out onto a hillside, a lush hillside…lots of flowers everywhere,…..so fragrant …..I can smell the flowers in the air…..the sulphur has gone now. We walk out of the cave hand in hand…… her brothers are playing, giggling, children!s voices, all around, playful wrestling like fox cubs, tumbling. My husband is there too….we are all together…it!s safe now…..we!re a family again now…whole…it!s safe now, safe to be one, safe to be one together I!m safe now…weʼre safe now…it!s time to let go now, let the tears flow.

The sensations I had experienced disappeared, and when I awoke later on only a dull ache remained. I just visualised the cool, clear pool, the waterfall always flowing freely..I could hear the water flowing … and the echoing of giggles …the sound of giggles resonating from the cave walls…carefree childhood laughter from all around.

The sensation and pain have never returned. Our sinuses are associated with letting go, and releasing our emotions, thus sinus problems are classically linked to matters we have difficulty letting go of. Our upper molars area signifies the end of the large intestine meridian, again a blockage here often happens if we are unable to let go of grief and our emotions. The stomach/spleen meridian opens at the tear duct, and this channel in particular is associated with feeling grounded and safe on the earth and in our bodies. The water element which is represented by the kidneys in TCM holds the emotions including our fears.

Thank you Gwyneth, your plight to make EFT so accessible and relevant to so many is truly inspirational just like you …..Thank you for being you!

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